Lennox’s Birth Story

I was set on giving birth at night so I could focus while the big kids slept. Contractions started at 11pm on April 22nd I knew it would be a long day! I labored all day on the 23rd while Greg took care of everyone. I woke up several times to him sitting near me making sure I didn’t labor alone. At bedtime, I knew this was my chance. Contractions picked up, we called our doula & she got to work with pressure points & postures, contractions came hard & fast. We realized we had never called our midwives to let them know I was in active labor. Our photographer arrived & the pool was being blown up. I didn’t even know who let everyone in, but this was actually happening!

With each contraction, Greg & my doula, Megan, pressed on the back of my hips which relieved so much discomfort. I got in the pool & hung over the side, everyone kept me hydrated, but my energy was fading. At one point between contractions I fell asleep & my face dipped down into the water. Greg had read this happens to allow you to recharge-our bodies are amazing!

I started to push & mentally replayed affirmations…”I was made for this.” “My body will not create anything stronger than me.” Megan reminded me to keep my tones low, Greg reminded me to breath through my nose.

Lightning shot down the front of my belly & turned to fire that radiated from the front of my hips around to the back. I knew he was close. Another contraction & he felt so huge & heavy for my body. The pressure was unreal! Every ounce of energy was being used. Another contraction, deep breath & I gasped, breathing got shallow, the positive birth affirmations went up in smoke & I was suddenly gripping to the side of the pool in a high pitched disaster. I cried, I had missed a contraction & felt like I had passed up an opportunity to meet our son!

I literally mustered up energy from the depths of my soul. I said, “I can do this.” which wasn’t intended for anyone but me, but the entire room agreed. I could feel his head. Another deep breath & I swear my body was ripping apart. 2 more pushes & Greg caught him, passed him to me & we collapsed into the pool to admire our perfect 9lb. 2oz. baby boy. WHOA.

Photography by Kayla Reeder Photography

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