Calm Yourself


There are only a handful of daily habits that have the impact that magnesium has had in my life.

I got into the daily habit about 3.5 years ago!

I used to drink it on occasion, usually if I had a headache or back pain. But when I went to see my midwife while pregnant with Calla, she asked if I’d heard of Natural Calm. I said I drank it on occassion, but she suggested I get consistent with it to avoid leg cramps, constipation & body aches–typical things of pregnancy. I started drinking it daily & haven’t stopped when I learned most people are deficient. I literally experienced ONE leg cramp during that pregnancy, which was a far cry from the numerous toe-curling cramps I’d had with the first three.
Magnesium has a long list of benefits!
-increases energy
-calms nerves
-helps treat insomnia
-aids in digestion
-relieves muscle aches
-regulates levels of calcium & potassium
-important for heart health
-prevents migraines
-helps prevent osteoporosis
We give a smaller dose to our kids when they had headaches or muscle aches, and now it’s available in gummies! We keep ours on Subscribe & Save on Amazon, Raspberry Lemon is my favorite flavor 🙂
I tell anyone I love about magnesium. Literally my answer to any bodily discomfort! I have tiny packets to share with people on the street, ok, not really, but maybe I should start.
Life juice.
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