Grocery Shop Like a Boss

Grocery shopping seems easy enough, right?! But so many people dread it! And getting groceries with all 4 kids doesn’t exactly top my list, but I LOVE having a stocked fridge! So we get groceries a few times a week.

Here’s an outline to simplify shopping & make groceries less of a monster.

Consider what sections the bulk of your shopping is done. Fill your cart like you’d fill your plate-nutrient dense foods first!


You may have heard shop the perimeter before, but do you know why? Produce, nuts, meat, eggs are all located around the edges of the store. The center aisles are filled with starch, preservatives & convenience foods. When you venture into the center, know what you’re there for!


We are creatures of habit! So many times we focus on what’s right in front of us. We look eye level from fridge, pantry & grocery aisle shelves alike. We often miss the gems on the very top or bottom! But next time your looking for oatmeal, take a look!


I know gluten-free seems trendy, but gluten is widely known to produce inflammation even if you don’t have Celiac or an extreme sensitivity.


There are better options of nearly everything. But the terms “all natural” “gluten free” “organic” or “no sugar added” do not make them healthy. Though they might be an improved option, but it is still the same kind of product. “All natural” cookies are still cookies & still don’t make a meal, k?


When buying packaged foods, know what’s in it! Look for few ingredients, no added sugars (anything ending in -ose), no added preservatives. The nutrition label that tells you how much fat, sugar, fiber, carbs is secondary to the ingredients.

By the time you reach the checkout your cart should be loaded with fresh fruits & veggies, some seeds, proteins, nuts & gluten-free grains.

Happy shopping friends!

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