Create a Daily Routine

Establishing a routine is vital to accomplish what is important to you & you family. Having some semblance of order is so key to not losing your shit on a daily basis!

For me when things look out of order, they feel out of order & the moment I open my eyes, or that first request with, “MOMMY!” arrives, I’m on edge. It doesn’t take much at that point to send my entire morning spiraling down the landslide of bad moods.

Mama Bird

When you notice this happening (often), you can either make it a part of your life or take charge of your days! Here’s how:


Figuring out how we really spend our time is so important to this process!

•separate life into categorties (health, family, work, etc.) What needs to be changed?

•Spend 24 hours tacking everything you do in 15 minute intervals. Where are you REALLY spending your time?

•Pick 3 behaviors you need to change to each your goal


Just get it all down on paper! There are no dumb ideas when it comes to brainstorming!

•Brainstorm actions then break them down into small daily steps


Keeping time in blocks allows us to put a deadline on activities, mindspace & action. And it will keep you from feeling like spend all day doing any one things!

•Schedule your routine! Use 15-30 minute blocks & behaviors from step 2

•Be consistent! Implement daily weekly and monthly goals to stay on track


With anything-discipline is the key to success!

•Stay disciplined & visualize your end goal

•Prepare! Set an alarm, set out your workout clothes the night before, decide what you’ll be eating when you leave the house, check your email once a day


If you go of course, it’s ok! Don’t beat yourself up about it. Go back & revisit your routine to see if something needs to be changed, then jump back in!

If you don’t prioritize your life, someone else will!

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