Let’s Get Hissy Fit

Hi I’m Monica! A wife, mom of 4, fit foodie, book reading, wine drinking, fitness loving, night owl!

Years ago my husband & I decided I would stay home with our kids. Like most good parenting ideas, this was decided BEFORE we had kids. 3 kids in, I knew I wanted something beyond motherhood. Not because I was bored, but because I didn’t want to lose myself! It was like a mommy tantrum-there was nothing left for me at the end of my day & it just wan’t fair!

SO, I decided to start a handmade business! Only problem was, sewing was not my passion. There were so many aspects of that business that flourished & totally lit me up. But when it came down to it, I just couldn’t see myself spending every nap time, sewing for strangers & making THEIR ideas come to life (more toddler behavior). I was also letting my health & fitness go to the wayside while throwing back a little too much vino at the sewing table.

In 2015 we decided to be grown ups. We got some help with our nutrition, started working out consistently & read book after book of personal & professional development. And we liked it!

That one choice changed the path of our lives. And our family’s too.

I share our story to help others live better. Not because what we were doing was bad, simply because we knew we were capable of more.

I’m not a trained professional. I’m a real life mom who’s trying to raise good people, enjoy my life & teach our children how to enjoy theirs. I want to travel the world, eat good food, drive a clean car, hang out with my husband on a Tuesday, have 6 pack abs, see the beach every week, shower uninterrupted & drink hot coffee every morning. Maybe even twice.

I wanted a place to off load my thoughts, share some of my best practices & give people a reference point for nutrition, fitness & business. Also my Camera Roll is always maxed, so this just makes sense!

Thanks for being here!

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